Friday’s EolJjang 12/5/2014

As I enjoy this Christmas holiday while desperately trying to catch up on ALL the dramas that I have started to watch, I am cramming in another drama and a couple of movies starring Jo Dong Hyuk, my choice for this week’s EolJjang.

Smiling Jo Dong Hyuk

I have been a bit obsessed with him since I first seen him starring in Inspiring Generation as the sword yielding, kimono wearing Shinichi. So now you know that he Was one of the reasons why the drama, Bad Guys, was high on my list to watch and I am loving every minute of Jung Tae Soo 🙂

Jo Dong Hyuk {suits}

WARNING: This next picture is extreme eye candy for the women 🙂 My yeobo is just shaking his head as I make this the background for my desktop and my mobile.  I also have a favor to ask. Does anyone know where they are streaming the English subbed version of the drama, Yaksha (Demon)? I will even settle for downloading a torrent copy.  Yaksha was the reason for this heavenly vision 😛

Jo Dong Hyuk in Yaksha

If you are in the mood for an intense and action filled drama, I highly recommend Bad Guys. Not only do they have Jo Dong Hyuk, they also have Kim Sang Joong, Ma Dong Suk,  & Park Hae Jin. You will not be disappointed.

JDH Jo Dong Hyuk


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