Sometimes the unthinkable happens! Every once in awhile in Kdramaland  there is a bromance ( male best friends or not-so best friends) that is shipped(loved) more than the romance.

Mary Stayed Out All Night: Kang Moo Kyul {Jang Geun Suk} & Jung In {Kim Jae Wook}

Inspiring Generations: Shin Jung Tae {Kim Hyun Joong} & Mo IL Hwa { Song Jae Rim}

Antique Bakery: Kim Jin Hyuk { Joo Ji Hoon} & Min Seon Woo { Kim Jae Wook

Shark: Han Yi Soo {Kim Nam Gil} & Kim Dong Soo { Lee Shi Un}

Witch’s Romance: Yoon Dong Ha { Park Seo Joon} & Yong Soo Chul { Yoon Hyun Min}

Faith: General Choi Yong {Lee Min Ho} & Oh Dae Man (Monkey Boy) { Kim Jong Moon}

High School King of Savvy: Lee Min Seok {Seo In Guk} & Kim Chang Soo {Jo Han Chul}


Discussion The Madness

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