Asian Dramas/Movies

* Dated by year except my firsts*

Favorite K~Dramas

Playful Kiss (2010) {1st K~Drama and holds a special place}
Boys Before Flowers (2009)
Lie To Me (2011)
49 Days (2011)
Faith (2012)
Missing You (2012 -2013)
The Master’s Sun (2013)
I Hear Your Voice (2013)
Secret (2013)
Two Weeks (2013)
Shark (2013)
Secret Love Affair (2014)
You Who Came From The Stars (2013-2014)
Bad Guys (2014)
Pinocchio (2014-2015)
Kill Me Heal Me (2015)

Favorite J~Dramas

The Hours of My Life (2014)

Favorite K~Movies

The Art of Seduction(2005) {1st K~Movie and holds a special place}
A Moment to Remember(2004)
My Little Bride(2004)
A Frozen Flower(2008)
Confessions of Murder(2012)
Steal My Heart(2013)


3 responses to “Asian Dramas/Movies

  1. Enjoyed reading your list of favourites! I just made my own and noticed we have similar tastes. Hopefully I’ll check the few I haven’t watched yet.

    I’m a new blogger, and I would appreciate you checking my work!
    Mecca, tnkdevotee


    • I am extremely sorry that it has taken this long to get back and comment to you. I took a very long sabbatical from blogging. I see you have taken one as well. I think you should continue because you had gotten off to a great start.


      • Thanks for still replying to my comment! I agree I’ve taken a long break, but I’ve decided to start soon.

        Hopefully you’ll enjoy my future works 😊
        Mecca, tnkdevotee


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