Shinema Saturday: White Night {Korean 2009}

White Night starring Son Ye Jin & Go SooWhite Night is a 2009 South Korean mystery thriller, adapted from the Japanese novel Byakuyakō,  written and directed by Park Shin-woo {directorial début} and starring Son Ye-Jin , Go Soo & Han Suk-Kyu.

The story is centered around two middle school friends, Lee Ji-ah {Son Ye-Jin and Kim Yo-Han {Go Soo} and an investigating detective, Han Dong-Soo {Han Suk-Kyu} who is investigating the murders of  Yo-Han’s father and  Ji-ah’s mother who is believed to been having an affair with Yo-han’s father. Detective Dong Soo has suspicions that the two middle schoolers are somehow involved but have no clear evidence and the police chief has officially closed the case.  14 years later,  another person that’s connected to Yo-han’s family has turned up dead and Detective Dong Soo is once again back on the case and reunited with Kim Yo-Han and Yoo Mi-ho formerly known as Lee Ji-ah.  Yo-Han and Mi-ho are still close as ever even though they both lead separate lives.  Through the years Yo-Han has become Mi-ho’s shadow taking care of anyone that gets in the way of her leading a wealthy normal life.

As the story progress, Secrets unfold that tells of the fateful night that bonds  Ji-ah and Yo-han for life and the lengths they will go to protect each other. Will Detective Dong-Soo find the answers and what choices will he make to save these two from themselves and others?

My Thoughts

I absolutely loved every thing about this film.  Everything from the lighting to the pace, to the camera angles, the acting. Just everything.

The moment the first scene finished, I was hooked. The character development was well paced and you had a chance to see each pivotal moment of the character’s lives.  We are able to experience what their driving force for success in their lives are and to understand the reasoning for the decisions and actions that they are taking to make sure success happens. { You may not agree with the decisons and actions but you will understand WHY and that may be my compassion talking}

Son Ye-Jin’s acting was superb {I’m biased  🙂 }  I have seen a many of work starring Ye-Jin and this is the most complex character I have seen her play. For such a dark and sinister character, she played her as someone deserving sympathy. { I had many emotions about Ji-ah that ranged from “This bitch is crazy to  Girl, do you know she is sociopath to Awwww,  I want to hug this crazy bitch}. Now as far as Go Soo,  I am in love ❤  This is the first time seeing him on-screen and I was just captured by his portrayal of Kim Yo-Han.  His character was dark but I didn’t feel it had the same sinister feeling as Son Ye-jin’s character.  Again that could be my compassion talking because I actually felt sorry for Yo-han. I knew he was doing it out of love and protection but I felt that he was used by her as well. It didn’t help at all when he life story unfolded so I have concluded with the help of Go-Soo that I need to stay out of S.Korea because I will be easy prey for serial killers if they all look like him [Go Soo]. Hell let me throw in Lee Joon {Ryu Tae-oh from Gap Dong} and Park Hae Jin {Lee Jung-moon from upcoming drama, Bad Guys in October}

As I said, there is nothing about this film that I didn’t like so it comes highly recommended and my rating would be 10/10 or  5  ⭐

If interested in watching:  White


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