{Thoughts} Temptation ~Episode 11 & 12~

May Contain Spoilers

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Temptation Episode 12

Yeah, who ever is the creative director of Temptation must have a wicked sense of humor because only a select few of the characters could be considered angels while all the others are going straight to hell in a hand basket with gasoline drawz on :/

Temptation Episode 11

Before I get to my thoughts about episodes 11 & 12, I HAVE to talk about my favorite moment of episode 11. The glorious , wonderful, & powerful slap to the face done by none other than Han Ji sun { soon to be ex-wife of Kang Min Woo} I replayed that scene 6 times and I received great pleasure from it. I wished that it had knocked some sense into Hong Joo but it didn’t. As usual, she thought she was the victim. You would have at least thought somewhere in this episode she would reflect on her budding friendship with Min Woo and trying to play momma to Ji Sun’s children. You would have thought she would understand what was going through the mind of another man’s wife regardless if they are in the process of getting a divorce. BUT NO!!! Not Hong Joo. She didn’t think she deserved that but Ji Sun put her in her place.  Hurry Min Woo along with this divorce and then ya’ll can play house until then hands off of her husband. I paraphrased but that is what she meant.

Temptation Episode 11

I gotta backtrack a bit 🙂  Han Ji Sun had a lunch date with her daughters so while little Moon Geun Young was telling her how much she missed her and asking when she was coming home, Ms little chip on her shoulder and mean mugger slipped her the new family photo and that is what set Han Ji Sun off. I got a mind to go back and watch the scene 😀

Temptation Episode 11

Episode 11 & 12 dealt with confrontations and revenge between our 4 main characters.  Hong Joo just can’t seem to move on.  I figure until the very last episode Hong Joo will have all kinds of reasons to see Seok Hoon so she can spew venom at him. I will give it to Seok Hoon. He hasn’t taken a shot at Hong Joo at all during this time. He gives her reasons why their marriage didn’t work and he always seems to take the blame but she doesn’t see past herself to hear him.

Temptation Episode 11

We also have our resident evils, Se Young & Min Woo.  They’re cut from the  same cloth but are decorated in different ways.  Min Woo always seems to be preaching to the choir when he tells Se Young to stop playing games with people’s lives but she retorts in episode 11 that she broke up Seok Hoon and Hong Joo just for him.

They both schemed to get their new partners. Se Young used money and Min Woo used bait and reel.  He recognized a female in a troubled relationship, befriended her and waited for the right time to up his game. Now it’s his turn to use his money and prestige  to do Hong Joo’s bidding.

Temptation Episode 11

Of course, we can’t have confrontations if we don’t get at least one scene between Hong Joo and  Se Young.  Now what I like about Se Young is she doesn’t let you see her sweat. She keeps her game face on and I HAVE to give it to Hong Joo {I don’t really want to}. Now that she is turning into an evil, hypocritical, and conniving son of a biscuit eater, she had her A game on in this bathroom scene. She was hitting Se Young with some good lines. She had it but as usual Se Young let them deflect off of her until Hong Joo left the scene and then you saw the bruises Hong Joo left.

Temptation Episode 11

The end of episode 11 and all episode 12, we have new beginnings with the table-turning for our 4 characters.  Yes, you see it right. Min Woo proposed and the crazy chick above said yes to marriage and revenge but no to love.  Min Woo’s table turns as he will be in another loveless marriage but he is the one with the unrequited love and a business deal.

Temptation Episode 12

We have the ill-fated couple taking their relationship to new levels and Se Young acting more and more like a school girl with her first love but in episode 12, she will have to face the music because Karma or should I say Hong Joo is gunning for her ass.  The detail of her “business” deal with Seok Hoon will come to light for the corporate world to see and her overbearing father will make her choose love or career.  She called her daddy’s bluff and he blew hard. She was fired. Now she is in Hong Joo’s old place. Unsure of what her next move and a bit unsure of Seok Hoon.

Personally , I could careless of their relationship. It’s doesn’t interest me and most times I fast forward their “alone” time or stop paying attention to them all together.  Sorry, I just can’t get behind this relationship.  In my eyes, a female like Se Young doesn’t deserve my sympathy when bad shit happens  nor does she get my congratulations because she is happy.  I know this is drama land but I absolutely despise a female who intentionally sets out to cause problems in a relationship in life and in drama life. I see Se Young as the hated second lead female in Kdramas.

Temptation Episode 12

What is in store for Hong Joo in episode 12 is a new life as well. The wife of a wealthy business man and the mother to Lil Roy.  Hong Joo is in Se Young’s Old place.  She has money ,power and will now become what she despised most in this world, a rich person that can do whatever they want because they have money.  Hong Joo is out to make Se Young and Seok Hoon suffer for what they did to her. She  feels like they made a fool of her. Yeah, who is the bigger fool?

I have dogged Hong Joo since episode 1 and I will probably continue to dog her until she gets some act right but I have to admit I am anxious to see what Nam Hong “cray cray” Joo does next and how she handles the new-found wealth. I wonder how her immediate family will handle her. We already see that her little brother is not fond of her at this moment and Daddy isn’t very happy with her as well.

There is 8 more episodes left and I need to see more drama instead of melodrama. I need some intensity.  I am going to continue the Temptation ride but I am only riding for the Hong Joo Antics, Ji Sun Antics{ she better have some antics} and some romance between Se Jin and Hong Gyu.  Oh and to see how the drama ends.



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