Friday’s EolJJang

Oh, How I am waiting for his latest KDrama to end so I can marathon and have endless hours ..well at least 22 hours to eye perve him 😛

I am talking none other than Lee Jun Ki, my pick for Friday’s EolJjang.

Lee Jun Ki

I learned my lesson when I first saw him in Two Weeks.  Being that I was new to K~dramas last year, I knew nothing about him so I decided to take those that suggested I give Two Weeks a chance to heart  AND I clearly didn’t know what I was in for. I was hooked as soon as the first scene finished and finally understood what viewers meant when they said how they were overly anxious for the next week episodes to come.

Lee Jun Ki

I said I would TRY not to do that again when it comes to Lee Jun Ki’s drama and so far it’s working but it’s taking every bit of will power not to start watching The Joseon Shooter.  I struggle everyday when I passed that title.

Lee Jun Ki

I love a photogenic man and I love THIS man in photos just as much as I love Lee Soo Hyuk ❤

At this moment, the photos  above are one of my favorite Harper Bazaar magazine pictorial to date especially the one where he is posing with Nam Sang-Mi.


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