{Thoughts} Hi! School- Love On ~Episode 5~

May Contain Spoilers

High School Love Episode 5

Episode 5 finds our resident angel and friends dealing with matters of the heart and some finding where their heart actually lies. I was all giddy during this episode 🙂

High School Love On Episode 5

I really wish these people would get a clue that NOBODY and we (Seul Bi & I) mean NOBODY messes with Woo Hyun on Seul Bi’s watch.  This episode begins with Seul Bi running to the rescue and get there just in time to save a certain magnet for trouble from impending doom.  Plus it’s only episode 5, I doubt anything would happen to him this early in the show.

High School Love On Episode 5

With that being said, we have our future couple talking about crossing lines  and that foreshadows about 2 other Love Oner’s and I am speaking of Ye Na and Woo Hyun ‘s mother.

High School Love On Episode 5

For the life of me, I will never understand the logic of “privileged girls” in K~dramas.  Just because you like someone doesn’t mean that person is supposed to like you and doesn’t mean you have the right to interfere in the romantic life of the object of your desire which brings me to Ye-Na. I am not sure if I should like her or despise her. On one hand, she wants Woo Hyun and she uses every opportunity to get close to him and uses Seul Bi in the process and on the other, she doesn’t exactly have the perfect life.  It seems that she is living the life her overbearing mother has laid out for her future and she doesn’t have the typical mother-daughter relationship. That is clear in a phone call where Ye-Na is spilling her feelings to her mother about how much she is hurting and all her mother hears is that she doesn’t want to practice.  Parents like that get on my last nerve.

High School Love On Episode 5

But there is one person I despise and that is Woo Hyun’s  Bio-mom. She has the gall to walk in her ex-mother in law’s shop and demands that she transfers Woo Hyun to another school just because she has a new life and another son. What the hell!!!!  Then on top of that she tries to pay her off.

High School Love On Episode 5

Grandma went in on that ass and I would have done so as well. How can you justify that? You don’t want your “old” life to mess up your “new” life? I was kinda on her side in not liking how Sung Yeol treats her and I don’t particularly like when children disrespect adults but I have my moments and that moment is happening right…about… NOW!!!  It’s going to be so interesting seeing how the two ‘brother’s react to finding out how really connected they are.

High School Love On Episode 5

Now to my favorite parts of episode 5.   I just love the father and son time Sung Yeol and his appa shared especially since he had to handcuff the son in order for him not to run away and he kept them on throughout their meal. That was too cute. Ramen never looked so delicious.

High School Love On Episode 5

Last but not least, The confession of Woo Hyun.  I guess he figured out how he felt about Seul Bi only after hearing a full love confession from Ye Na. I still can’t figure out why she felt he would accept her confession since he has never shown any type of affection for her.  The question for next episode is will Seul Bi accept his heart and will Sung Yeol recover from the confession. That is the best “WTF” look I have ever seen.. LOL.

Notice the line? I wonder if she will cross it?



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