{First Reaction} The Three Musketeers: Episode 1

The Three Musketeers Episode 1

I came for Jung Young Hwa but stayed for EVERYTHING. The first episode of The Three Musketeers was amazeballs. It certainly outdid my low to mid range expectations. I will most definitely be checking out the next 2 -3 episodes to see if it keeps up the pace of this première episode.

The Three Musketeers Episode 1

It captured my attention the moment it began. It starts from the present day Joseon period where a scholar finds a manuscript written about the life of Park Dal Hyang{Yong Hwa) which many believe to be a fictional piece of work but the scholar believes otherwise and begins to rewrite the manuscript. Thus the story began.

The Three Musketeers Episode 1

I am assuming that the story will be based around how Park Dal Hyang met The Three Musketeers.  Well you know what people say about assuming things 😛  but I’m hoping the story leans that way. So far I am enjoying the main cast of characters and their connections to each other. We have the Crown Prince SoHyeon {Lee Jin Wook} whose married to the girl Park Dal Hyang loves, Yoon Seo {Seo Hyun Jin}, and his ride or die partners in crime: Heo Seung-po {Yang Dong Geun} the comedic flair and Anh Min Seo {Jung Hae In} the all too serious young one.

The Three Musketeers Episode 1

Poor Park Dal Hyang. He doesn’t find out the true identity of The Three Musketeers until the most important crucial time of his life so it’s going to be an interesting roller coaster to see how they come to ride together. The question remains at this episode, is the Crown Prince a good guy or a guy full of jealousy because of the relationship between Park Dal Hyang and Yoon Seo.

The Three Musketeers Episode 1

I am not sure if I will continue doing a weekly thoughts post about this drama. I am not a big fan of historical or period dramas so it really depends on the pace and storyline that will decide if i even continue watching this but now I will probably do 2 to 3 more.


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