Shinema Saturday: The Lady Assassin 3D{Vietnamese}

The Lady Assassin 2013

The Lady Assassin is a Vietnamese film release by director and writer, Quang Dung Nguyen.  the standout cast: Tang Thanh Ha, Thai Hoa Le, Diem My, Thanh Hang, Kim Dzung, Dien Vien Ngoc Quyen, and Pham Anh Khoa. This film is one of the highest grossing movies in Vietnam to date.

The Lady Assassin centers around a band of lethal man killing prostitutes who target corrupt and not so corrupt government officials with the help of a local goat herder. On a particular day, they target a group of mournful men looking to stop for a quick rest before continuing on their journey.  As usual on cue, they turn on the men and offer their customary death special until the last man falls.  While admiring the golden reward for their hard work, they find an unknown female bound and gagged inside a truck. After careful thought, they decide to induct her in their band of merry lethal prostitutes and train her in their style of martial arts.  Friendships are formed but there is a hidden betrayal, which one holds a terrible secret that can destroy the group of Lady Assassins.

My Thoughts

This is my first for watching anything from Vietnam. Not that set out not to watch but nothing every captured my attention until NOW!

Whenever there is mention of a group of bad ass women kicking ass, my ears perk up and my eyes jitter with glee and I am on a mission to find this treasure. It took me a hot minute to find this movie and even though the subtitles could have used a bit of improvement, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Neither the set or the plot was spectacular but the acting and fight sequences made up for whatever was lacking in this film.  Another major point for Lady Assassin is the absolutely breathtaking women. Every last female in this movie was gorgeous to the point of being distracting at times but never did it take away from the strong acting performances of each actress.

The mood and tone are reminiscent to the classic martial arts films of the 80’s and very similar to the Shaw Brothers Concept especially dealing with movie effects. That may be the real reason I enjoyed this movie. HMMMM inquiring minds what to know!

During the fight scenes, I found myself fighting with them and this is very reminiscent to how I reacted during the old school classics and with that being said, I commend the actresses for their commitment and hard work in the making these fight scenes realistic.   I can never see them beating the likes of Michelle Yeoh or Zhang Ziyi but they sure as hell would give them a run for their money.  I said their money not my money cause my bet would be on Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi  😎

Last but not least of my thoughts, I think they did a great fan service to the male viewers and some female viewers as well 🙂 There were a few scenes were the band of lethal man killers indulged in an outside bathing ritual in this big ass outdoor bathtub (that tub had my full attention, I was trying to calculate if my backyard could hold one of those) also there were a few scenes of women skin ship or suggested skin ship.  Naw, not really but there was one scene that I have to admit was a bit hot and the steam blew off the screen. My yeobe ❤   (honey) enjoyed the fan service scenes and he wanted me to give it a mention  😡

Check out the movie trailer:

Here’s where I watched:

The Lady Assassin @HotDrama


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