The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge #18

18. Name a Drama you dropped, and why?

Hotel King 호텔킹

Hotel King

Yes, I dropped Hotel King. I can imagine the gasps and the eye rolls and the wondering how can somebody not love this drama that is beloved by some many viewers. Honestly, I can’t find a single thing wrong with drama. Well… I am not a big fan of Lee Da Hee’s acting and I can’t stand any of the characters Wang Ji Hye portrays. Seriously, I cringe at the thought of her in any drama that I am wanting to watch. Besides the fact of those two starring, the story line was good and the casting of the actors was on point. There should have been no reason I dropped this drama but I did.  I found the drama boring.  I have to admit, I ONLY watch 4 episodes but those 4 episodes were painful to get through.  I found myself constantly looking at the time wondering when the 45 minutes to an hour would be over.  I may pick it up again to watch it.. I MAY!

Tell me about a drama you dropped and why?



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