The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge #17

17. Your Favorite Drama Character?

As I sat here to think of the answer to this question,  I realized that I didn’t have too many favorite characters. I am really shocked but it helps that I didn’t have a hard time choosing. I just had a hard time not choosing any of the characters that my favorite actor and bias has portrayed 🙂  My choice is ……

Kim Bo Tong [Bel Ami/Pretty Boy]

IU as Kim Bo Tong in Bel Ami (2)played by IU

 Bo Tong is the usual cliché girl who has loved the mean-spirited jerk since high school and will love him through all his faults until she makes him fall in love with her. She is not my favorite character because of that. It’s that she never changed who she was to get the guy. She remained a quirky goofball and never lost the essence of who she was. The moment Bo Tong accosted Ma Te on the bus, she had me but I think the majority of credit needs to be giving to IU, she is absolutely adorable in this role and probably the only one who can pull off the eclectic assortment of wardrobes.

Who is your favorite character in a drama?




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