52 Week Drama Challenge #4 [Amended]

Wish me luck on my next adventure in Asian Dramas. I decided to step out of my comfort zone of Korean and Japanese dramas. I am going to FINALLY add a second Chinese drama to my “watch” list.

Evil Minds 心理罪


Fang Mu is known as a genius in crime psychology. When he collaborates with police officer, Tai Wei-Lian to crack a series of bizarre campus murder cases, those cases traumatized him and he becomes decadent. He even tries to deceive himself and others to try to forget everything. However, the devil’s provocation doesn’t stop right there as a series of mysterious serial killings occurred again and puts Fang Mu in jail. He has no choice but to open up the wounds he’d never like to see again.

Broadcast network: iQiyi
Episodes: 24
Genre : Psychological Thriller, Crime
Air time: Monday & Tuesday
Broadcast period: May 8, 2015 to Nov 30, 2015

*Courtesy of MyDramaList

Starring: Chen Ruo Xuan, Wang Long Zheng, Ken Chang



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