The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge #10

10. Your Favorite Drama Insert Song?

Angel Eyes

Angel_EyesOMG!! This was an extremely tough question to answer and then again it wasn’t as tough. I have so many favorite “insert songs” from all the Asian dramas I have watched thus far. I chose this song because this was my most anticipated song release as well as it becoming a very special song during our [Ah Jin and I] wedding ceremony.  I had chosen the instrumental piano version to be played during the part of my ceremony where we honored and remembered our family and friends that have been very special to our lives but have passed away. There you have it. My favorite.

Tell me about your favorite “insert song”. Is it possible that you can pick just one?




2 responses to “The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge #10

  1. I do like your choice. It was by far the best song in Angel Eyes.
    My personal favorite is KMHM’s Hallucination and my runner-up is Ali’s Hurt from Rooftop Prince.


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