The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge #9

9. Your Favorite Taiwanese Drama?

Lovestore at the Corner

I haven’t watched many Taiwanese dramas so I only have to choose out of a handful and I choose Lovestore At The Corner. I am definitely NOT choosing it because it is an awesome, must see drama. That it is not. It followed the standard. The first half was strong and promise. The second half was a major disappointment. I find most romance or rom-com dramas that go pass 16 episodes or 20 episodes( this amount even pushes it’s luck) tend to fail miserably. Lovestore probably would have been great with 14-16 episodes.  Even with my disappointment in this drama, it still holds a special place in my drama heart. I love that each episode was based around a novel, quote, or character from a book. Book nerds appreciate little quips like that. I added a few more books to my “must read” list watching this drama and I hope to see more dramas take this approach.

Comment below if you would like to share you memories of your favorite T-Drama.








2 responses to “The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge #9

  1. I missed this one because the subs were a bit slow (or I was a bit slow in catching up, I don’t really know, lol). I’ll definitely give this show another chance. Thanks!! 😉
    My al’ time favorite TW-drama is Mars. I could tell from the beginning that the story was right from a manga novel ( a liiiil’ bit more deranged than the usual Western plots) but the OTP and the obvious changes in the script made it a true masterpiece. Perhaps it’s the psychological aspect of the show that intrigued me to the max or it’s Vic Zhou who gave a wonderful performance. I loved both Barbie and him.
    The most hilarious TW-drama was Fabulous Boys. I know it’s a remake of You’re Beautiful but I still remember the ultra funny scenes. The show was shorter than the original kdrama hence the comical focus. Far better than the j-version!!


    • I watched the rest of the subbed episodes on YouTube. Like I said, LSATC had a disappointing 2nd half but “book nerds” will find an appreciation for it. The writers lost their mind on the 2nd half but they did well on continuing the book narrative with the story line of each episodes. Okay. Adding Mars to my Taiwanese List. I really have to start expanding my T-Drama watching. Anymore you can recommend?

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