The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge #6

6. Your Least Favorite Asian Drama?

The Heirs

Heirs- The Least Favorite Asian Drama

I couldn’t get pass episode 6. I guess it was episode 6. Lets say when they started high school is where I lost interest. The best thing that came out of this for me is my introduction into Choi Jin Hyuk.  I will probably get a few eye rolls and confusion about why I could NOT like this drama. I was just like everyone was in the beginning. I was excited with anticipation but after a few episodes, I wasn’t feeling the “high school’ vibe when it came to Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin. They may have had the youthful look but their acting had gained experience and maturity. At that point, I was ready for them to be cast in more mature roles and this was just a major setback for me.

What’s your least favorite Asian Drama?





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