The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge #3

I am going to change this next question up a bit.

3. Your first Korean Drama?

Well since my answer to #1 (First Drama you watched?) happens to have been a Korean drama, I will slightly change the question to…

Your first Chinese Drama?


So far this is the only Chinese Drama that I have seen and I haven’t finished as of yet. I finally found a site where I can watch it without having to watch a bunch of commercials as well as having it entirely subbed. I don’t have too much to go, 27/38 episodes is not bad:)

I love everything. From the soundtrack, the cinematography, to the acting. It’s a very good drama and it has encouraged me to learn more about China’s Han Dynasty and Empress Wei Zifu.

Comment below if you would like to share you memories of you first Korean or Chinese Drama.




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