The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

I found another challenge that is interesting. It’s a few years old but it’s still challenging to remember specific things about all the dramas you have watched. I don’t remember where I originally found this but I do remember who they gave the credit to. Remembering that was easy, I already follow their blog. It’s my Taiwanese drama go to:) Redbeanmochi @give me dramas

The challenge works like this. You have one question a day to answer and post for 30 days. Very simple. The hardest thing about this challenge is to make sure you remember to answer and post the questions daily.  So here I start……

1. First Drama You Watched?


It took months for me to finally click play on Netflix to watch this drama. I was drawn to the drama cover. I don’t know. Maybe because I was drawn to the prettiness of Kim Hyun Joong or maybe just because I found the poster absolutely adorable. Regardless of the reason, the moment the first episode ended, I was hooked. I binge watched this show in two days AND here I am 4 1/2 years later LOL!





4 responses to “The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

  1. For me it’s almost 4 years into dramaland but I still remember my very first show on August of ’12 :
    Greatest Love. Surprisingly it was a rom-com even though I hadn’t watched much of that genre on TV. The 16-ep format seemed like a very long movie, no seasons, no cancellations, just pure fun. Hong sisters made me a devoted kdrama fan ever since.

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    • It’s something about those first moments. I had never watched anything where I had to read subtitles and it even though it was difficult at first trying to read along with watching the screen, I can’t remember a moment where I laughed so much, cried so much and despised but loved a character so much. Nothing will ever make me forget Oh Hai Ni

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      • The reading subtitles part was not a real problem for me. I had watched tons of foreign films and TV series by the time I ended up in Kdramaland. The language was not unfamiliar either but for so many hours in a row? It was an achievement but the laughs and the romance were all worth the trouble.
        That’s how we’re all connected with each other now, right? 😉

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