52 Week Drama Challenge #2 [Amended]

Oh, how I didn’t realize how much I have missed my Asian TV. I think I have re-found my passion. After looking at my list, I hadn’t realized how many dramas I had put “on-hold”. So I am going to include them in this challenge as well. So this brings me to my choice for the second week of this challenge.

SPY 스파이

SPY Poster

Hye Rim is a perfect mom inside and out. She adores and dotes her two children. She is also a perfect housewife who supports her husband very well. But in fact, she’s a former North Korean informant. One day is she suddenly thrust back into her old life when she’s assigned the mission of recruiting her son, Seon Woo, an expert analyst who is known for his extraordinary analytical skills and quick level-headed decisions who also works for the National Intelligence Service (NIS). In order to protect her son, she will do anything including gambling her life.

 Broadcast network : KBS2
Episodes : 16
Genre : Action, Thriller, Family, Romance
Air time : Friday 21:30 (two ep in a row)
Broadcast period : 2015-January-09 to 2015-March-06

*Courtesy of DramaYou  MyDramaList

Starring: Kim Jae Joong, Bae Jong Ok, Yu Oh Seong, and Ko Sung Hee




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