Three Day Quote Challenge

I was challenged by my fellow blogger, Kay, author of Kdrama Kisses, a long while back to take part in the Three Day Quote Challenge.  I have so many quotes that I absolutely love from so many sources that it is hard just to choose 3.

The way this challenge works is to post one quote a day for three days. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from Korean dramas. It can be from any source you want and nominate three other bloggers you wish to see quotes from.

I am going to take a page out of Kay’s book and post all 3 of my choices in one post. Also at this time, I won’t be nominating any other bloggers. I am currently updating my list of blogs that I follow. You know, the tedious work of un-following blogs that are not active anymore or links that have been changed.

I decided to stick with the idea of using Korean drama quotes. I have a few that spoke to me during my K-drama watching over the years but the 3 I have chosen somehow always sticks out when I think about a quote.

  1. I Miss You

I Miss You by Xandddie

“It was a tough road to get here, wasn’t it? You just need to take thirteen more steps now. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. If the wind starts to blow, we’ll block it for each other. If it rains, we can share the umbrella. On the days of the first snowfall, we’ll meet like this. Do you remember? We showed our scars to each other on the steps when we were younger and laughed over it. We can just keep doing that. Let’s endure the tough times with the strength of our love and live our lives that way.”

Han Jung Woo~ I Miss You (Episode 21-Finale)

I Miss You is part of my first 5 collection of Korean dramas that I have ever watched in my life and has left an everlasting impression on me. I still get emotional when I think about it. I love this quote because in my opinion, it describes how I view relationships. It is not about how we handle and live through the good times of life together. That’s the easy part. It’s about how we handle and live through the tough and terrible times. It’s how we endure them together.

2. Pinocchio


“TV can kill an innocent person with just one statement”

Choi Dal Po ~Pinocchio (Episode 2)

Personally, I feel that these two need to date, get married, and have lots of  Jong Sukkies and Park Shinnes running around 🙂  But that is not the topic of post. I have many many many quotes from this drama but now this quote is so prevalent and relevant to the news that is going on around the world now.

3. 49 Days


“Human being’s hearts change, that’s their specialty. Forever? There’s no such things. Love, then hate. Hot ,then cold. Upset, then grateful. Full of resentment, then understanding.  And it goes on.”

Scheduler ~ 49 Days (Episode 10)

Whoever watched this drama can’t tell me they didn’t want the impossible to happen. The impossible fate that the Scheduler would get a second chance at life. I was so wishing the writers would play with my mind and make it happen.  Though I love this quote, it is a hard truth to accept. Everybody has a fairytale fallacy at sometime in their life. An idea that if  we fall in love with the “one” that it will last forever or if we find the perfect job, that we will retire with that company.  This quote explains it perfectly. We as human beings are complex. We grow and change and with those changes, forever is a foreign concept.

Well. That’s it folks. My chosen quotes. Would love to hear what your favorite quotes. Leave a comment.






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