Tune’s Choice Tuesday

I have finally admitted that Korean Music has just about obliterated my love for American Music. If it wasn’t for my American faves still creating enjoyable sounds among this new generation garbage, I would have totally washed my hands. It says something when I know more about KPOP and K-Indie anticipated comebacks than I know about American brand new artist.  I have checked for CL ‘s[of 2NE1] American début since her announcement of her wanting to release one. Better yet, I went to see BIGBANG when they hit NYC during their US tour before I coped Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable tour tickets(and I LOVE the hell out of some Queen Janet). I digress. I was in my feelings.

Fly To The Sky Album Cover

Anyway, that brings me to my current obsession with this duo.  I had the pleasure of hearing Fly To The Sky for the first time on the Naver “V”app during their live appearance to promote their new mini LP, Love & Hate. I decided to listen to it recently. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Their sound is reminiscent of the R&B male groups of the 90’s. So much soul and passion. It something when male voices blend and compliment each other so perfectly. For me it gets no better than Brian Joo and Hwanhee along with the duo, 2BiC.  PERFECTION!

Love + Hate_ Fly To The Sky

This LP is about love, romance and heartbreak. You don’t have to know a single word because hearing the strength and passion behind Brian and Hwanhee’s voice conveys the meaning of each song. I think every song has been a soundtrack to some part of my life: past and present.  Get ready for a treat.


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