Instagram Stalking Again

Sunday's Instagram

It’s Sunday so it’s my usual stalking day but I stalk this certain person’s page daily because he gives us many glimpses of his life whether it’s his downtime during his drama or his personal life.  He updates often.

Talking about no other but Mr. Lee Jun Ki. Vampire extraordinaire.

Hot Hot Hot

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2 responses to “Instagram Stalking Again

  1. I read your first sentence and knew exactly who you were talking about, lol. Another Lee Jun Ki Instagram stalker here 🙂 He has some of the best updates.


    • I am so glad I am not alone. When I decide to log on to scroll through my feed, LJK is the first page I look for because I KNOW he is going to have something to set my morning , afternoon or night just right. Out of all the celebs except T.O.P (in my opinion) he has the best page. Just love it.

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