eommaya엄마야! Kang Hye Jung my #WCW

Kang Hye Jung

She looks incredible with her blond haircut.

Those words in the title simply mean “OH MY GOD”!  I don’t have many female celebrities that take my breath away and cause me to act like my better half when she spots the trough of men that cause her to go into hysterics(LOL) but my choice for Women Crush Wednesday is in my top and only five.

Kang Hye Jung had me in her clutches since her appearance in the movie,Nabi. I have followed her career since then and currently awaiting the new movie she is starring. Lucid Dream with Ko Soo and Park Yoo Chun.

One great thing about loving Kang Hye Jung is @kimleechanee loving her family, Tablo and Haru. Probably the first and last time being on the same page.  🙂


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