#Man Crush Monday ~ Ji Jin Hee

ji jin hee 2

The more I catch up on previously aired dramas, the more I appreciate the mature ajusshi (older man) or in my own words “sugar daddy crushes” Their allure is undeniable.  They have stood the test of time and have made it to the other side.  They know that the mere mention of their names being sort out for possible new dramas or movies will certainly cause excitement and longing from female fans and a few male fans as well 🙂

Ji Jin Hee

Ji Jin Hee is just that type of man I hold high on my list of sugar daddy crushes. Just the mention of him thinking about taking a part in a drama or movie has me scouring every article available on the internet to get confirmation of his next screen  time.  At this moment, I am watching the S.Korean drama, Blood and I am thanking the casting director for casting him in my guilty pleasure called Vampires. Yes, I am loving it… Not the drama.. but him.

This is why Ji Jin Hee is this week’s pick for Man Crush Monday.


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