Ah Jin’s #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday)

Jun Ji Hyun

All Hell 2 the Naw!!! I am in this piece. Don’t exactly know what I am doing or WHY I am doing this but bare with me while I make my mark on my girl’s blog.

I guess I should introduce myself.  I’m Ah Jin better known as the yeobo or significant other.  In reality, I am just the seat filler until one of  ChaNee’s forever bias realize that she was made just for them.  HAHA!  She tells me this about once a week 😉

She has allowed me to have this Wednesday spot to showcase my Asian beauties.  So I have some free time at the moment since she is spending it with her soul sister, Halle Berry in the TV show, EXTANT. It’s a good thing because I would be getting the side rolling eye while I type about my #WCW.

My crush for this week is none other than my ONLY forever bias, Jun Ji Hyun or Gianna Jun to some.


Jun Ji Hyun



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