Instagram Stalking

Sunday's Instagram

Yes, I have finally joined the world of Instagram. It’s a bit addicting especially when you are stalking… I mean sharing in the life of your favorite celebrities and idols. Thank Goodness for notification sounds on a cellphone. Now all I need for them to invent is a setting to set special notifications sounds for your favorites that we follow. That way I won’t constantly have to check if my favorite victim.. I mean celeb has posted. :).

I decided to cop this idea from a few of the blogs I follow. I like the idea of seeing what tickles the fancy of my fellow bloggers. So I guess it’s time to let you in to my world a bit.

I love this instagrammer’s page. He not only shares pictures of himself. He shares places, food, and museum pieces THEN there is some weird shyt as well but this person doesn’t represent the world normal and I LOVE that about him.

Yes that is Mr. Choi Seung Hyun better known as T.O.P of BIGBANG.

I was only going to feature him but THEN my forever bias decides to update his page with a “everyday’ type photo. NO makeup, no costume, no entourage.  Just a relaxing for the day pose.

영광형언제와. 운동안해? 😑 @aksakfn12 @gymsh_tr

A post shared by @ leesoohyuk on

Mr. Lee Soo Hyuk.  YAS!! I sooooo wish I would have been in that picture.

There you have it folks. Two people who I stalk.. I mean share in their day

Lee Soo Hyuk (SWWTN)

A little something for the women.  This is what I look forward to on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Scholar Who Walks The Night.  A Bad Boy Vampire with a husky voice will be my ruin.!!!!


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