Tunes Choice ~ Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung GiI have to say that I know most “idols” as actors before I know them as musical entertainers. So if they impress me with their acting skills that usually leaves me not taking them seriously as singers. Only a few has impressed me in both areas such as Seo In Guk and Do Kyung Soo better known as D.O. of the boy group EXO. Even though I love them as musicians, I do not end up loving their entire LP of music.

That is not the case with Lee Seung Gi. I love every bit of his new CD. And, that was released on June 10 ,2015. This is why he is my first spotlight for my new topic, Tunes Choice.


01. Breeze 바람 (0:01-3:16)
02. And Goodbye 그리고 안녕( 3:17-6:56)
03. Love 사랑 (6:59-11:04)
04. Do You?  하니? (11:08-14:45)
05. You and I 그대와 나 (14:48-18:47)
06. Friend 친구 (18:15-23:26)
07. Carrying a Backpack 베낭을 메고 (23:30-27:00)
08. The Time We Shared 우리 함께한 그 모든 시간 (27:03-31:20)

My favorite tracks are Breeze, Friend, and The Time We Shared BUT I have a guilty pleasure and that would be the song Do You?. That is my jam of the moment. I can’t get enough of it. 🙂

Check it out and let me know what you think of the full album .



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