Friday’s EolJjang 5/15/2015

Ha Jung Woo 1Sometimes, we just have to give it up for the more mature and debonair “hotties”. My choice for this week’s EolJjang is more than a handsome face. He is an actor, a film director, an artist, and a published author.  This man continues to impress me.

I don’t think I will ever get enough of Ha Jung Woo.

Ah Jin and I  are anxiously awaiting the July 2015 release of the South Korean film, Assassination, starring Ha Jung Woo, Jun Ji Hyun and Lee  Jung Jae.  We have different reasons for wanting to see this film and it has nothing to do with the plot but every reason to do with Ha Jung Woo and Jun Ji Hyun.

Ha Jung Woo

But while I wait for his new movie, I just downloaded a more recent film that he has starred in, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, with Ha Ji Won.  Besides that, there is an abundance of films that can tied me over until July such as Kundo: Age of the Rampant, The Berlin Files , and Love Fiction.

Ha Jung Woo's Paintings

It’s also good that you can appreciate an actor for their other talents. In this case, Ha Jung Woo is an established artist.  His painting style is a mixture of pop and expressionist styles and seems to be inspired by the American artist,  Jean-Michel Basquiat.  He is known to have several showings throughout the year. Hopefully, I will get to make one in my lifetime but for now, I am on the hunt for his 2011 essay compilation, Good Feeling.


4 responses to “Friday’s EolJjang 5/15/2015

  1. Oh, Yang Ik Joon, too? Are you inside my mind or my movie list maybe?! When I’ve first watched Breathless, it could not get out of my head for a week or so! I also liked his performance in IOIL, but my endless love for JIS blinded me completely in that drama (yes, guilty as charged :-P). I feel so jealous that you can reach HJW through a social media page!!!! Next time you guys talk just send him my endless respect. His work and his artistic point of view make him a rare specimen worldwide (not to mention the cannibalistic k-ent!)


    • I was excited to see YIJ in IOIL as well but JIS garnered all my attention but I can’t help admit that YIJ made the storyline so much more appeasing to me. Breathless. There are now words to express how that movie stays with me. It was raw and emotion filled. One of my favorite movies to date.

      It has been a few months since the boyfriend and I were shocked that HJW was responding to fans during a social media chat. WONDERFUL!!! It was during his art show in LA this year. Only if I lived in Los Angeles. I would have been there. Hopefully there is a next time and that way you can get take your chance:P

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  2. If this man had been working in Hollywood, he would have been the hybrid of Pacino’s and DeNiro’s merge or Irons’ and Hopkins’ happy baby! He would have received one Oscar statuette (at the very least!) and would have been nominated several times by now. He’s among the top-5 korean actors (not just for me as I see from this post, XD ) and most probably the best of his generation!

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    • We must think alike. I was talking to my yeobo and I was telling him that he reminds me of a Pacino/DeNiro mix. I was also telling him that if HJW was in Hollywood, I think he would have been a more anticipated and distinguished director than John Woo. He would have been on the top 100 list of film directors. I may fangirl over alot of actors but there are few I hold in high regards and HJW is certainly one of them. Maybe that is why I love me some Yang Ik Joon. He reminds me a bit of HJW.

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