Music Monday From My Personal List

musicAs I am expanding my music list beyond the artists that I have already showcased and those that I mainly listen to, I wanted to share these songs that I absolutely love that are in other Asian genres such as Japanese, Chinese etc.

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I have been wanting to venture into Japanese and Chinese artists but it’s a bit overwhelming when you don’t know where to start.  The songs that I am going to share were heard as part of the soundtracks of certain movies or dramas that I have previously watched.

1.  Reserved by Yao Beina ( from the Chinese movie, Ex-Files)

Sad to say this beautiful voice passed away on January 16, 2015 from breast cancer.  RIP Bella ❤

2. Whisper of Rain by Yoshihiro HANNO ft. Yoshie Nakano (from the Chinese/Japanese Co-Production, Five Minutes To Tomorrow)

3. Esse by Yanagi Nagi (from the Japanese special, Murder  Standard Score 70)

4. Shouldn’t Be, Shouldn’t Be by Shi Shi (from the Taiwanese drama, Lovestore at the Corner OST)

5. Guardianship by Raymond Lam (from the Chinese drama, The Virtuous Queen of Han)

6. Wu [Enlightenment] by Andy Lau (from the 2011 Chinese movie, Shaolin)

I hope you enjoyed my personal selection of songs. If you have any suggestions of Japanese, Chinese or Taiwanese artists or groups, please feel free to share them with me.



3 responses to “Music Monday From My Personal List

  1. Finally…a topic which I can share this older gem – just new-found to me. It’s from jdorama “Slow Dance” wich I liked but I really really loved this song by Fukuyama Masaharu “Tokyo” His music reminds me of my beloved italian songs and music. I was trully shocked to have found a japanese artist with these kind of artistic influence!

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    • That is a such a catchy song. I found myself rocking to it as I listened. Thanks for sharing. Now I am going through his other list of songs on Youtube. I love his voice. It’s so clear and relaxing.

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      • IKR, his voice has this universal sound and “colour” that may take us beyond the language barrier. So happy you liked it, miss Kim 🙂 Thanks for sharing your favorite songs…


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