Friday’s EolJjang 5/8/2015

Have you had the “aha” moment when you realized an actor or actress is one of your favorites. I just recently had that moment when my mind clicked that Kim Rae Won was one of my favorites. You would think that I knew that since I have watched plenty of movies and a few dramas starring him. GEEZE, he is the male lead in one of my favorite movies, My Little Bride.

That is why he is my week’s pick for EolJjang and it gives me another reason to drool and eye stalk him 🙂

Kim Rae Won

He almost slipped my mind because I never equated the face with the name. I just knew I liked him. It took watching his newest movie, Gangnam Blues, to finally know his name.  That lead me to be a bit disappointed that I didn’t realize that he was the male lead in this year Kdrama, Punch.  Well, I don’t have to fret because I get to sit back and enjoy watching it at my pace.

Kim Rae Won in Gangnam Blues Movie Poster

Hopefully, it doesn’t take him another 2 to 3 years to grace us with his presence in another film or drama project. Both would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Kim Rae Won for CINE21


2 responses to “Friday’s EolJjang 5/8/2015

  1. His movie Sunflower has made me fall for him. I knew I had found a brilliant talent similar to british actors.I was not wrong. His cinema work is truly amazing but he has been in very few dramas. Since we all know how korean dramas are made, I think he has a minimum of failures along with a minimun of desire to be in one of them. KRW’s future seems sunny and successful but I’m afraid he will stay low as usual…sigh!


    • I love the movie Sunflower. He is such a brilliant actor. I love when actors take on projects that they are truly inspired to participate in instead of for the normal sake of just appearing in anything that could be handed to them. I just hope it’s not another 3 years before seeing him again.

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