A Hint of Vanilla on Music Monday

There are times when you find yourself sitting on a group. Meaning that you may have heard a song or two that you like so you make a mental note or physical note that you are going to check out more of their songs.  Well, I did just that with the indie group, Vanilla Acoustic.

Vanilla Acoustic

Jung Jae Won (Vanilla Man) (producer & vocal), Sung Ah (vocal), & Tarin (guitar, piano, & vocal) make up the current S. Korean Trio, Vanilla Acoustic.  Before 2012, Na Rae was part of the original lineup.

I find this group’s music breezy, airy, and relaxing at most such as demonstrated in the song, “Cookie,Coffee

but I also enjoy when they get a bit deeper and filled with emotions as in “Wasteful Man

Occasionally, you will find Vanilla Acoustic as part of a drama OST. From my knowledge the most recent, Same Place, is from the 2014 K-drama, Hotel King.

Vanilla’s most recent full album,  3rd Part 1 ‘Eudaimonia, was released on 6/12/2014.  I haven’t listened to the entire album as of yet but so far my favorite song is ” Rain is Falling“. This may be the reason I haven’t listened to the entire album. I keep playing this song over and over.

Artist Info

Vanilla AcousticVanilla Acoustic Artist Site
Vanilla Acoustic Facebook
Purchase Music: iTunes   YesAsia



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