“There is Some Good” on Snooper Sunday

In my Friday’s post, I stated I had a trying week because of a severe “kicked my ass” illness. Not only did the illness get me down. It was matters that I saw and heard on the daily news. It was the loss of a 15 year friendship due to someone’s ignorant beliefs. It was simply not a very good week for me to be out from under my cozy blanket in the safe and comfortable sanctuary of my home. Just when I am on the verge of writing people off, there is a glimmer of hope and goodness.

There is a video that has gone viral of an unknown female, who has been dubbed “Candy Girl” because of the candy which looks to be a lollipop that is in her mouth, who comes to the defense of an elderly woman (halmeoni) from a belligerent female passenger on a bus.

You can see from the start of the video that the belligerent was irate when entering the bus. Apparently halmeoni sat down and told her to stop or calm down and then the lady turns on her smacks and pushes her a few times. Thank heavens, Halmeoni moved but to be assaulted again. After that you will see “Candy Girl” try to calm the situation down and she continues trying even when 2 men(ahjusshis) get in the mix. Apparently while throwing “Ms Bitch” off the bus, one of the ahjusshis almost went to blows with her but again “Candy Girl” pulls the man back on the bus.

This gives me a glimmer of hope that there HAS to be more good than bad in this world. That people will come to the defense of someone being wrong. That we still have respect for our elders. That we can see past race, gender, sexuality, and religion and see people has human beings. I just have to believe that

Thanks “Candy Girl”

Candy Girl by Evrisbs @ pixshark

Candy Girl by Evirsbs @ pixshark


via Soompi


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