Friday’s EolJjang 5/1/2015

This week has been an extremely trying one. I have no earthly idea what type of illness I am battling but today has been a bit of a good day. I can actually sit up and move around for longer periods of time. YAY!!!!!  So while I have a bit of energy, I can share my khottie of the week and hopefully return to some type of blogging schedule next week.

I don’t know much about my choice but he hit my radar because of my neighbor down the hall.  I may have upped my level on stalker tendencies because I was just about convinced that Byun Yo Han has dual citizenship and is living in the other loft located on my floor of the complex.

Byun Yo Han

I have to admit that I haven’t seen him in anything as of this moment but I am aware that he was a popular character in the highly rated Kdrama, Misaeng (it is on my “watch” list).  He has much buzz around the fact that he has his first lead male role in the drama, Ex-Girlfriend Club, starring Song Ji Hyo and Lee Yoon Ji.  It begins airing May 8, 2015 on tVn.

Byun Yo Han

I save judgement on his acting until I actually see him but if that doesn’t work out, he definitely has it covered in the modeling world.  Plus, I am not totally unconvinced that he doesn’t live next door… I think I hear the door opening… gotta go 🙂

Byun Yo Han



8 responses to “Friday’s EolJjang 5/1/2015

  1. No, I’m talking about Jin Goo that is the dead boyfriend in FFI…his next project is DoS where is casted as the second male lead opposite to SJK. Unfortunately I’m a bit too old to have crushes on underage actors, XD! But you’re absolutely right… YJG will be a wonderful actor growing up. He has both the talent and the looks…


    • Okay, I am more familiar with Jin Goo in Love Me Not and Roaring Currents. So far he would be the only reason why I am thinking about give DOS a chance but yes Jin Goo has a very unique look and is definitely a draw

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  2. Wahh! He looks hot in these pictures. His acting in Misaeng was pretty good. It’s believable to the point that you’ll hate him at first then love him when you got to know him. Didn’t know that he is part of Ex-girlfriend club, now I have a reason to watch this upcoming drama ^^

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    • Ikr! He doesn’t take a bad picture. It took awhile before I could decide on what pictures I wanted to feature. These are my favorites as of right now. Yeah, I can’t wait to see him in Ex-Girlfriend Club mainly because I can stare at him for an hour:)but if he pulls off being a leading male, it would make it even better. After hearing you describe his character in Misaeng, I may just have to watch. I love characters that make me want to strangle them in the beginning but by the end , I love them.

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  3. He’s mostly a movie actor…at least up until now! His acting debut was in films two years ago, if I’m not mistaken. His talent and his unique face (among this sea of ” altered” faces with surgery!) have actually compelled me to set my eyes on him. He gives me the same vibes as Jin Goo did when I first saw him in a movie called “No Regret” a couple of years ago!

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    • I have noticed that the movies he has starred in are fairly recent. I am really interesting in seeing “Socialphobia” and can’t wait til it is released online. I have to agree that he has a unique face and that is what drew me to him and is the reason I have been fan girling all of his recent magazine pictorials. Are you talking about Yeo Jin Goo or Jin Goo? If Yeo Jin Goo, I love him. He gets better with each role he portrays. He is the reason why I am going to watch Orange Marmalade.

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