My Day in Gifs & Pictures

There is a little game that Ah Jin (yeobo) and myself play during a rather boring or trying day. We describe our entire day in gifs and/or pictures. Today he challenged me to describe my day using Kdrama and KPOP gifs and/or pictures. USUALLY… we can use whatever gifs we find but I GUESS yeobo thought he had me.. NOT!

Let’s get my day started 🙂

The moment I wake up and move around.

I Hear Your Voice (Wake Up)

I am a coffee addict and I NEED my daily dosage.

Tablo {coffee}

Walking into work. I am feeling so “boss” like.

Bride of The Century {boss walk}

Lunch Time { My Favorite Time of the Work Day}

Let's Eat {Lee Kyung Soo}

These next expressions are generally used after lunch during the rest of my time with a class full of 5 & 6 year olds.

IU Laughing

Blinking Blank Stare


The Master's Sun So Ji Sub

After the end of school bell and also the walking to your car mood.

2NE1 dance {off work dance}

Family time before the little one’s bed time {this is almost a true depiction because something like this happens quite often}

Tablo with Kang Hye Jung and Haru

Quality time with Ah Jin

Quality Time for us

Either blogging


Image @ The Media Marketing Company

 or Catching up on Dramas

Kdrama Watching

Sleep Time {minus hospital accessories.  Doesn’t go with my pajamas}

I Hear Your Voice

There goes my entire day in gifs and still pictures. How would you describe your day in gifs and pictures.  Would it be a normal day or full of hijinks and craziness?


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