Friday’s EolJjang 4/17/2015

I decided its high time that I show some love to my Korean-American hotties that I cherish weekly regardless if their shows are on their seasonal hiatus or that they tend to pop up unexpectedly on TV but happen to be a staple in my Trekkie world.

Not only is my love strong for my hotties in Korea. It is equally strong for American loves: John Cho, Daniel Dae Kim, & Steven Yeun.

KorAmerican Collage for Friday's EolJjang

As stupid as I find the Harold & Kumar movie series, I can’t help but love John Cho. I was loving him before I was even aware there was such a thing as Korean dramas or even music called KPOP.  I happily watched him in the now cancelled TV series, Selfie. I was thoroughly upset when they killed him off of Sleepy Hollow but my utmost giddiness comes from the Star Trek Movies where he plays a major character, Hikaru Sulu.  I am so ready for the next installment in 2016.

John Cho

I have followed my next love, Daniel Dae Kim since the “Lost” days where he portrayed Jin Soo Kwon. I so wanted to be shipwrecked with him on that island but now I get to enjoy some sun, white sand and the beautiful blue ocean with Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii Five-O.

Daniel Dae Kim

I am not a big fan of Zombie … anything but that didn’t stop me from becoming a Walker Stalker ( a superfan )for The Walking Dead.  I was late to the game but with my addiction to Kdramas, it was inevitable that Steven Yeun was going to pull me in as a viewer.  Now I look forward to every chance I get to look upon Glen Rhee (SY’s character),

Steven Yeun


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