Music Monday has “Star Cooking Berg”

I am starting to believe my Yeobo when he says that you WILL recognize a true Korean indie artist or group by the amount of information that the artist has available especially when it comes to finding that information in English.

I stumbled across a song on yesterday that instantly landed on my “in love” list.   The first thing I couldn’t believe is that this soloist or duo is part of the Rock music genre. The song was just so mellow and relaxing. How could this be rock? Well.. Wait a minute…. I am forgetting the sub category called soft rock. Yeah, I will go with saying the newly debuted. Star Cooking Berg, is definitely soft rock.

Star Cooking Berg

I am not certain who or what is a Star Cooking Berg. The more I search the more confused I become.  I am trying to piece together the little information that I gathered. So if I am mistaken, please charge it to my head and not my heart.

From what I gathered, Star Cooking Berg is an acoustic pop band that debuted its first album titled “Comfort” on March 31, 2015.  They have collaborated with special guest vocalists, Byeohlha and Sweet Marie on the majority of the 9 featured songs listed on the album. What I am sure of is that Star Cooking Berg is part of the Mirrorball Music family along with known indie groups such as 10cm, Khia & The Faces, NoBrain, & Fromm.

Let’s start with the song on my “in love “list.  Call Me with Sweet Marie

Fine Thank You, I Will Love You with Sweet Marie

Last but not least of my favorites. Shy Confession with Byeohlha

*If my information is incorrect, please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know and offer me correct or more information.*

Artist Info


Purchase   YESASIA , Gmarket

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