Snooper Sunday talks “Extreme Dating”.

The question of the day.  How many relationships can you handle at one time?

Mr. Yuan may be the How about we ask this man, above?   😀

Imagine having to take a trip to the hospital. Normally, you would need your loved ones there in your time of need especially your significant other. Imagine having 17 significant others.

Yep, Mr Yuan has accomplished that. He can check that off his bucket list. On March 24,2015.  Yuan was involved in an accident and was brought to the hospital in Changsha, China. The officials contacted the relatives of Yuan to inform them of his admittance which proved to be misfortune for this “stud”. All of Yuan’s girlfriends showed up to look after him in his time of need. Can you imagine 17 women finding out they are dating the SAME man at the SAME time?

After some discussion, many of the women discovered that they had provided financial support to Mr. Yuan so with that little revelation the Police are now opening an investigation for a possible financial scam.

WOW! What a way to add more hurts to an injury? I wonder how Mr. Yuan is feeling? I bet he wished he just stayed home on that day.

via NDTV


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