Friday’s EolJjang 4/10/2015

As I get more into Japanese movies, I am made aware of more talented actors as well as more ” thanks goodness” sexiness 🙂

This week’s EolJjang not only excels as an actor but he is a singer, songwriter, host AND an employed newscaster for News Zero in Japan for whom he was appointed the main caster for the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

Yes! Sho Sakurai is a jack of many trades while holding it down as the rapper of the famous Japanese boy band, Arashi.

Sho Sakurai

Sho Sakurai left a lasting impression on me after I watched the Japanese movie, Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de (The After Dinner Mysteries).  I haven’t seen any other dramas or movies that starred Senpai but I immediately included the drama version of The After Dinner Mysteries as well as anticipating the new movie,Kamisama no Karute 2 ( In His Cart 2) . Well, I am talking about the new movie, I might as well add the original movie ,Kamisama no Karute  to my list.

Sho Sakurai 2

I am always in awe of idols that actually can act, I am more in awe that Sho Sakurai is a newscaster. In what universe, do we have any type of entertainer doing anything other than acting and performing? I think this one fact may add him to my bias list.

Newcaster Sho Sakurai

If the newscasters looked anything like this on my television, I may be prone to pay attention more often.  I thank the busy little founders of YouTube because now I can enjoy a few moments of his airtime since I can’t understand a word of the News Zero page (page translation sucks!)


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