Primavera does Samba on Music Monday

I bring to you a Korean performance band whose genre caters to one half of my heritage but is deeply rooted in the other half.  I am excited to learn that there are several Korean bands and a few recording groups that are in the Samba/Afro beat genre.  That’s great to know.  Now my yeobo can’t use the “we don’t have that in Korea” excuse for not liking or understanding certain musical genres. We can both enjoy this from each others cultural background.

Primavera, Korean Samba Performance BandPrimavera, is a very energetic and engaging live band that performs the brand, ONLY BRAZIL. 

The concept of starting a samba dedicated band was in 201o by 3 current members who loved Brazilian music. They began adding a bevy of musicians until Primavera was born.

The band consists of: Jerry (Vocal, Percussion),  Minyoung (Keyboard), Dennis (Nylon Guitar), Baek Jinhee (Bass), Do Large(Percussion), SonClave (Percussion), Kim Dohoon (Drum, Perscussion), 배가과다 (Percussion)

Primavera, Korean Samba Performance Band

If they ever decided to release a full album, I would be first in line to buy. YEAH!!!!


Artist Info


 Primavera Official Website





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