Let’s Barbershop on Music Monday

The Barberettes

The Barberettes stole my heart @ the South By Southwest Festival(SXSW) that was held in Austin this year. They were the first musical show that I attended since my arrival a few days before the official start of the Musical part of the festival.

I will admit I was a bit skeptical when my yeobo suggested we give their show a try.  So to prepare myself, I went to their YouTube page and was amoured by many of their covers of famous girl groups from the 1950-60’s whose sounds were that of barbershop, doo-wop and Motown. Groups such as The Andrew Sisters, The Ronettes, The Chordettes, & South Korea’s own, Kim Sisters.

The Barberettes

The Barberettes are a South Korean female trio whose sound is reminiscent of the retro doo-wop or barbershop genre that was in great demand in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This time traveling group is composed of Shinae An Wheeler(vocal, guitar, producer), Grace Kim(main vocal), and So Hee Park(vocal). Though they have performed in many venues and showcased in a few festivals. Their first recording “Sweet Lies” was included on the Prime Minister and I OST.

Not long after that, they released their first full album. The Barberettes Volume 1, on May 24, 2014 to rave reviews as well as nominations for 3 top Korean Music Awards. Their first track, Little Gals, was up for Best Pop Song.

They also gave some holiday cheer for the Christmas/Winter Holiday. I am sorry, I missed it this year but I will be adding The Barberettes Carol: Hun Hun Christmas.

I am blown away by their sound but I attribute that more to their awesome covers of classic records which I have been obsessively been playing since we returned from Austin.  My favorite by far is their cover of the Ronettes song, Be My Baby. I see I am not the only. On January 16, 2015, they released their cover and it charted at #38 on the Gaon Music charts and was being used by Shinhan Card for a commercial.

The Barberettes

I am truly staying on this ride to continue seeing these ladies star shine brighter with each new cover and each new music release.

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Download @K2NBlog.com  Purchase @YESASIA (Carol Album & Prime Minister and I OST)     iTunes (Carol Album, Prime Minister and I OST, Be My Baby cover, & The Barberettes Volume1)


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