Snooper Sunday Talks “Dance”

I am pretty sure that everyone that is into KPOP music has heard and seen the video for “Paradise Lost” by Brown Eyed Girls member, Ga-in.  If not, you couldn’t possibly been on the planet EARTH during its première week. It’s provocative, suggestive, & symbolic.  You are either going to love it (I fall in this category) or hate it.

I guess Monica Wilson, the owner and choreographer of Xoticy in Atlanta, Georgia,  falls in the hate it category. She claims that Ga-in has stolen a few of her “signature” moves and used them as part of her choreographed danced for Paradise Lost.

As much as some of us love our KPOP stars, we can’t be in denial that there  have been some instances where our beloved artists have danced a complete routine by a choreographer without permission and without given proper credit.  Just last year, APINK did a routine to Beyonce’s “Yonce” that was choreographed by Kyle Hanagami  and other known incidents  such as Lyle Beniga’s “Mic Check done by Super Junior, Johnny “J Blaze” Erasme’s “The Motto”  used in a KPOP entertainment show, & Pat Cruz’s “Let’s Dance choreography done by SHINee.  I will naively say that we can’t put the blame on the artist but we can put all the blame on the artist’s choreographer. They should know better especially in the world of social media, nothing is ever hidden for long.

When I heard the news of Ga-in possibly using a stolen routine, I had to check it out for myself. I just knew I was going to see a COMPLETE routine that was originally choreographed by Monica Wilson but what I was given was a quick mashup of dance moves that were performed during different routines and different days.

Yes, the moves could be the same or similar, depending on how you view things but the discussion really begins on your perception. Is there such a thing as “signature” dance moves that can be copyrighted as use for the originator? How much of a dance would you consider before claiming stolen, a specific dance move, a dance sequence, or the complete routine?

My thought is that Ms. Wilson has no right to even claim those dance moves as her “signature” because those same moves have been done forever and a day in many dance routines especially in an exotic and erotic nature. Now I do grant her the compliment in saying that some of her variations of those basic dances are interesting but the only rights she can claim is her signature dance routines.

Kpop fans came out in droves and took to the Xoticy comment section in defense of Ga-in. I wasn’t surprised because that is one thing about the netizen crowd, they will support their idols in right or wrong.  What surprised me was the majority of the comments were well versed on how they felt about the claim and not malicious and attacking.  Along with their support on Youtube, an internet forum, DC inside, has an article refuting the claim with website links to various videos showing similar dance moves to what Ms. Wilson claims to be stolen.

It really depends on your feeling on what can be stolen and what one can claim has stolen. The choice is yours.  Tell me what you think of this claim.



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