Friday’s EolJjang 3/27/2015

As I was thinking about who my Eoljjang would be for this week, It didn’t click in my mind that I spent most of my movie watching this week with a certain actor until I was frantically searching for the recent Chinese movie, Crazy Love 2014.

In case you want to know, I DIDN’T FIND IT. Through my near crying fit is when I realized I had an extreme fan girl wanting to be released because she spent over 8 hours looking at the Taiwanese actor, Lee Wei.

Lee Wei

It’s hard to find the majority of dramas and movies that Lee Wei has starred in but thank goodness for Korea Town in NYC. I may have maxed out one of my credit cards on the abundance of Asian movies that I plan to watch during the Easter holiday break.

Lee Wei 2

Lee Wei’s most recent drama is the Taiwanese drama, Love Store at the corner. LSATC has been slow to be subbed so it is still considered “an ongoing” series on most streaming sites.  Book fanatics will really appreciate that drama since it revolves around famous literary quotes plus no one can pull off crying while eating cheesecake like Lee Wei pulls it. Watch it for that one scene 🙂

One thing I am going to complain about is that there is not a lot of photos of Lee Wei especially not recent ones. It’s a shame the way I am being deprived of having a hard drive folder full of photos. Yes, I am one of those fan girls.

Well, I am going to finish my night by spending it with Lee Wei since my yeobo has just found “Midnight Hair” on YouTube. Let’s see if Lee mixes well with horror. If he doesn’t, that’s okay because he is rocking a mustache and goatee and that is alright with me


2 responses to “Friday’s EolJjang 3/27/2015

  1. I happen to recognize Lee Wei after watching Beijing Love Story: Truth or Dare…it simply strucked me. Amazing 14 minutes.


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