Music Monday has “No Brain”

No Brain @SXSW 2015

Last year, I had the privilege to attend the SXSW(South by Southwest) 2014 for the first time where KPOP made its second year appearance. After getting that first taste of experiencing Korean Music up close, it was the main attraction on my itinerary for this year’s SXSW.

I learned a huge lesson this year. Never pass up the opportunity to experience a fresh group or soloist because of the genre their music falls. Last year, I passed on attending No Brain’s concert and what a stupid mistake I made BUT thanks to this year’s event, they performed again and I was present somewhere in the middle crowd jumping, head banging, and sweating while having the time of my life.

No Brain

I am definitely not the Rock kind of girl but I can appreciate a band that can wield me to throw up the rock star sign and flick my lighter in the air…. well, my cell phone light….well, the flicking fire app  :)No Brain has been a rare find for me. All of the artists that I listened, none of them has been in the game longer than this punk, rock, grunge,  & ska band.

Since debuting in 1996, Bulldaegal (Vocals), VOVO (Guitar), BBogle (Bass), & Hyoonga (Drums) have been rocking stadiums and music festivals for almost 20 years in a culture that didn’t revel in Punk. Oh how the times are changing and so is my attitude toward punk rock music. No Brain electrified the crowd this past Saturday (May 21,2015) (Sorry trying to figure out why I am having trouble uploading the videos I took of SXSW performances)

You know it’s on when Flannel and Leather show up in a show

It’s impossible to  hate on people who wear “fake” mustaches and play bazookas.

No Brain in SuitsSince I can’t load my mobile videos at this moment, I found a live performance at SXSW 201. If you hadn’t seen No Brain perform, this will give you an idea how they bring high energy to their shows.

Artist Info.





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