Mohho Project on Music Monday

Mohho Project

I absolutely love me some Mohho Project. I just love that she reminds me of a struggling indie artist despite being one-third of the indie grunge group, Guten Birds. She is the kind of artist that performs in small surroundings such as coffee houses and poetry clubs. You can still find her in subway stations and street corners providing a slice of musical goodness to those that walk by.

Mohho Project is who I consider a real indie artist.  Not well-known, does self promoting, sets up personal studio time, records & sells her own music among so much more.  I couldn’t find much personal or group information in regards to when the Guten Birds actually banded together and debuted or how long Mohho Project has been in the music business but what we do know is that she decided to share her visual surroundings musically with her first mini album,  My Eyebrows Don’t Want To Be Warm, in January 2013.

In January 2015, she released a new digital single, On the Earth. I feel connected to this video because the shoot took place in New York City and I have been to those areas that she featured.

I hope she releases more solo albums in the future.  She makes me think of Joni Mitchell & Joan Baez, a few of the greatest female folk singers ever. When I find an artist that reminds me of past icons, it gives me a sense of faith that there is still meaningful artist that knows their words and sounds can change the world.

Guten Birds~ taken from facebook page 12/14via

Artist Information

Mohho Project @ Facebook

Mohho Project @ Twitter

Purchase  My Eyebrows Don’t Want To Be Warm @bandcamp  On The Earth @bandcamp




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