Solo Dates and Chicken on Snooper Sunday

This week while snooping around the internet, I came upon two articles that I think are really neat and a bit creative.  Granted one (several) of these things belongs in the “WTF” category but instead of putting it there, I WANT THEM. LOL!

Kentucky Fried Chicken Accessories in Japan

In September 2014, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Japan unveiled some unusual branded accessories for computers & cell phones as well as for miscellaneous use.

Who wouldn’t want a keyboard filled with tiny pieces of chicken, a bucket and a drink?  Not to mention,  your very own miniature Colonel Sanders. Talk about finger licking good. There is also a USB drumstick shaped mouse to add even more flavor to the KFC inspired keyboard. Now if you don’t like to spend all your time playing on the internet, you can bring that finger licking goodness with you everywhere. Just purchase the drumstick shaped cell phone case. Can you imagine the envy you will get from family and friends? Those close to me will be looking at me with confusion and pity >:/

Personally, I’m in search of the drumstick pillow. I require a certain amount of quirkiness in my life and lately my amount has been running low so I NEED that pillow.

via Weird News Asia

Japan never disappoints when it comes to unique, crazy and extremely bizarre products and accessories.   In the next few weeks look for the link section dedicated to Korean, Japanese and other countries shopping websites.

Keisuke Jinushi, the

I wonder how some people come up with a great idea. I would have never thought of Keisuke Jinushi’s solo “couples” date selfies. What a very creative idea.  I am pretty sure, he gets the craziest stares when he is out in public posting up for this picture.

Keisuke Jinushi says he was tired of seeing couples take romantic date pictures so he came up with the idea of showing single people how to create those same romantic selfies with the illusion of being with a significant other. He calls it the “hitori date” (one-man date).  All you need is a camera, a tripod, and your imagination.

Jinushi also says that despite doing a couples photo, people shouldn’t be ashamed of being single. “Rather,” he says. “You should be puffed up with pride and say, ‘Yes I am on my own. ‘”

Keisuke Jinushi, the

via Distractify (more photos available)  Keisuke Jinushi blog


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