Friday’s EolJjang 3/6/2015

This week’s eoljjang grows on me with every drama that he appears. He blew me away in Angel Eyes and took me back to a time where I had severe cases of second lead syndrome.  For me, Kim Ji Suk is definitely a reason to chance any drama where he is the lead or second lead male.

Kim Ji Suk for InStyle

I haven’t watched that many dramas or movies that Ji Suk starred but I clearly remember the first time I had seen him.  It was in Personal Taste and he was definitely someone to remember.  It takes alot for another man to take a bit of focus off of Lee Min Ho. LOL! The next few times I watched Kim Ji Suk were in smaller roles but it was the drama, Angel Eyes, that he had my full attention as the second male lead character, Kang Ji Woon. As of now, this is my favorite character he has portrayed. I just love him.

Kim Ji Suk as Kang Ji Woon in Angel Eyes

If you want the chance to see Mr. Kim Ji Suk, he is starring in the recent airing Unkind Women on KBS2 every Wednesday and Thursday until May 14, 2015.

Kim Ji Suk


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