Cheaters Get A Pass on Snooper Sunday

My Top 5 side eye gif

My repulsive side eye isn’t about the morality  or legality debate of adultery, it’s about the abolishing of the anti-adultery law in S. Korea being a trending news topic. It’s a big approval sign saying ” CHEATERS UNITE, AFFAIRS ARE LEGAL!!”  Just take a look at Condom sells that have soared since the announcement.

On Thursday February 26, 2015,  South Korea Constitutional Court abolished the 62-year-old law that adultery was a criminal act punishable by up to 2 years in prison.  Since the court started keeping count in 1985, more than 52,000 S. Koreans have been charged but in recent years the majority have rarely been jailed.

Cheating is a Choice, Not a Mistake

My post isn’t about my personal feelings about adultery ( it’s obvious from the above quote).  Let me rephrase that.  It’s not about my moral feelings about adultery but how crazy I think about it being an actual law of it being illegal.   Marriage is between two people so what happens between those persons in the marriage should be among them with a few exceptions such as domestic violence, child abuse, etc.  Adultery is an emotional betrayal regardless if sexual interactions occurred or didn’t occur.  The legality of that should only happen if a divorce ensues.   I agree with the decision but not the big announcement.

My Top 5 Side Eye gifs

Which brings me to my favorite side eye gif above.  I know it’s no longer a constitutional law and the public has a right to know but come on… did it need to be trending news?  Now S. Korean men and women have rushed to their local stores purchasing an abundance of condom packages for their daily or nightly creep fest.   Along with the condoms stock surge, the morning after pill stocks has surged as well. Hey! Women getting in on the action too.

What are your feelings about the law being abolished?

News via New York Times  & CNN Money


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