Friday’s EolJjang 2/27/15

Do you remember the first time you spotted that cute Korean hottie on the screen? Do you remember immediately trying to find out his name and other projects he starred in? Well, that is what happened when I spotted Mr. Kim in Two Weeks(Song Jae Rim).

Song Jae Rim

He is a very charismatic actor who brings the charm in any role he plays. I for one loved the Korean drama, Inspiring Generations.  I initially went in for Kim Hyun Joong but stayed for the character, Mo Il Hwa.  Song Jae Rim stole for the show with his sarcastic smile, funny wit, and bad ass fighting. Everyone who watched Inspiring Generation knew when Mo Il Hwa appeared, Shit just got real.

Song Jae Rim as Mo IL Hwa in Inspiring Generation

Song Jae Rim has been a busy body since 2013 appearing in Nail Shop Paris, Inspiring Generation, Two Weeks, Surplus Mermaid and the now airing, Unkind Ladies on KBS2 every Wednesday and Thursday. We can’t forget the variety show, We Got Married 4 where he is currently setting afire many shipping hearts with the blatantly honest, Kim So Eun ( I don’t care what nobody says, I love her for that exact reason)

Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun for ALLURE magazine

I am starting to think that it doesn’t matter what the outcome of Song Jae Rim’s project. The only thing that will matter is that he was the bright light in a dim production or the brightest light in a well-lit production. As long as I had the chance to drool weekly. That’s what matters.

Song Jae Rim for Maria Claire


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