Lucia Brings Light & Shade to Music Monday

I don’t know if you’d notice that I TRY to showcase musical artists with different indie sounds but I think I am failing miserably because it seems that I always end up showcasing those with mellow sounds.  I don’t think that I can help that much because those mellow sounds are what helps me the most to relax after a grueling day of teaching young students, dealing with some extreme parents, or listening to some outdated education advice from the higher-ups.  When I get home, I on my mommy grind and girlfriend duty so after the baby is put to bed and hopefully the yeobo too. I want to pour myself a  huge glass of wine, I want anything  sweet to snack on and I want to listen to something soothing and mellow.  Some one like Lucia formerly known as Sim Kyu Seon who debuted in 2010 under pastel music.

Lucia~ photo from facebook

The simplest way to describe Lucia’s voice is to compare it to a slow breeze of wind.  Wind that you can just stand still & appreciate because it’s not that often you get a feeling so lovely.  That is how I felt listening to a few of Lucia’s songs. Her voice is so melodically soothing especially when she sings ballads.(I think that is all she sings)  Her vocal range is absolutely beautiful. The influxes of her voice at the precise moment in the songs brings the emotions she wants to convey to the forefront.

The first song I ran across was the duet with Woo Hyun from the group, INFINITE.  That is the first time I heard her voice and became interested in finding out more about her.  I really wish she had more vocal time on this track because her voice complimented Woo Hyun’s perfectly.

I feel it’s not very often that an artist can conquer emotion in a song and in a MV. Lucia does both so well. I absolutely love the video for Cactus. The split screen of a couple, that has obviously broken up or getting ready to break up, shows that they are still emotionally and physically connected by their action either by being similar situations or actions that merge into one from separate actions. Powerful.  This next video does the same with illustration and music. I was captured by the short story and as soon as I finish this post, I am on my search to find the movie(Tales of The Night) that is inspired by. Enjoy Lucia’s, I Can’t Fly from her EP, Decalomanie.

I am surprised that she has only released 2 albums since her début in 2010. Her first EP, Decalomanie in 2012 and the most recent, Light & Shade in 2014.  Since her first album, she has been on a few collaboration projects and the one that stands out for me would be the EP with Epitone Project, A Room of Your Own in 2011

Lucia  Light & Shade

I can’t leave without featuring the two songs I like the most from her EP, Light & Shade Chapter 1.  Hopefully we get chapter 2 soon 🙂

Artist Info

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Information I found after posting.  Lucia has released 3 EPs after debuting in 2010. Decalomanie (2012), Flower Shade (2013), & Light and Shade Chapter 1 (2014)


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