Just Turn The Computer Off on Snooper Sunday

Internet Kill Switch

I will never understand the drastic measures that some people take for something that can be solved by the shutting down of a PC and going to some type of addiction meetings.

I ran across an across this week that had me shaking my head and asking WTF?

A 19-year-old male from the Jiangsu province of China decided to take EXTREME drastic measures to cure himself from an  addiction to the internet.  He severs his hand at the wrist.  I can’t even put into words what I am really thinking at this moment as I type this post. I am speechless.  Thank Goodness he was in the right state of mind (I say that loosely) to call a cab to take him to a hospital so he can admit himself.

The doctors were able to reattach his hand but can not give a guaranteed diagnosis if he will get full use of his hand again and even if he does gain full usage of his hand, that doesn’t mean that he will be cured of his internet addiction.

I am speaking out of my opinion of his actions but it clearly shows that he is in need of some psychological counseling.  It is easy for me to say “just turn off the computer, if it gets that bad or enroll in some addiction meetings but I can’t fathom causing bodily harm to myself because I spend more time than I like to on the internet. What I can say is I am glad this young man is Okay.

Full story via New York Post


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