Friday’s EolJjang 2/20/2015

There are those times when you remember the exact moment when you became a fangirl of a certain celebrity and then there are the times when the momentum of your fangirl slowly seeped out without you knowing.

The latter is what happened to me with this week’s eoljjang.  Lee Joon took my fangirl by surprise in a major way. He is the first actor that made me fall head over heels for a serial killing character.

Lee Joon - Evisu Model

It took a few months after I started watching Korean dramas and movies before I was aware of KPOP music and even though I was aware, I wasn’t particularly a fan.  It took listening to a few artists, solo & groups, before I found one that made me stop and really listen AND that group was MBLAQ.  Of course, I didn’t know their names but one group member stood out for me and was my main reason for stalking the majority of the group’s videos.

Lee Joon of MBLAQ

I had no idea that this particular member was into acting until the drama, Gap Dong.  I was interested in Gap Dong because it’s story was taken from the movie, The Confession of a Murderer, and I loved that movie. Now here is where my fangirl crept out. I heard a member of MBLAQ was starring as the second lead. You have to remember that I still didn’t know any of the member’s name but upon seeing a photo of Lee Joon, I suddenly knew his name and then he became my main reason for watching Gap Dong.

Lee Joon for YonHap News

Despite that he  is no longer a member of MBLAQ, I will continue following his acting career and I am now stoked about his upcoming drama, Heard It Through The Grapevine, that will began airing Feb. 23,2013 on SBS.


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